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I've illustrated Matthew chapter 5 to make it easier to memorize.
This is the short HD version of Matthew 5 without the explanation of each picture.
This is a clip from a production I did at Northwood Temple Academy in 2004 entitled "God of the Humble."
This is a clip from "God of the Humble" where I recite 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 and 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2.
Here's another clip from "God of the Humble" where several students comment on the implications of Revelation chapter 20.
This is a clip from a production I did at Northwood Temple Academy in 1999 called "The Tabernacle."  In this production we stepped through the entire Old Testament Tabernacle and explained how every detail of the Tabernacle pointed to Jesus.  This particular clip takes place between the table of showbread and the golden lampstand.  The bread on the table represented Jesus the Word of God and the Golden Lampstand represented the Holy Spirit that illuminates the Word of God.  It was a place of Revelation.
God's Order of Last Events - Part 1
Ever wonder how things will end?  Jesus lays it all out for His disciples in Matthew chapter 24.  He explains what they will see from their geographic location in Jerusalem.  Not even Jesus knows the "day or hour" of His return, but He did give a general order of events.  It's important for Christians to recognize the events of the tribulation so that we will remember that God is in control of what we see going on around us.
God's Order of Last Events - Part 2
This is the 2nd part that steps through 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 where Paul echoes the same message that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:  There are 2 things that must take place before Jesus returns and we are gathered together to meet Him in the air.  1) The Rebellion or Falling Away from the Church and 2) the man of sin is revealed.
< < <    The 10 Commandments
In this video I explain the spiritual intent of the 10 commandments to show how we have broken all of them.  The commandments really show us our need for Jesus.  The Roman Road of salvation from the book of Romans is presented at the end.