Wright Video Productions
Mr. Wright explains the basics
of how to get good tone on
the trombone by using:
1) Good Breath Support
2) An Open Relaxed Throat
3) Teeth and Lips Spread Apart
4) Tongue Dropped Out of the Way

The bore size of the instrument
is also a factor.  The bore size deals
with the size of the tubing.
Mr. Wright performs
"La Rejouisance,"
the Middle School
All-District Audition Solo.
Mr. Wright performs "Nocturne"
the 2016-17 Middle School All-District Solo
Audition piece.
This is the 2016-17, 9-10 NC Honors Band
Audition Solo for Trombone.

This is the 11-12 Trombone Solo
for the 2016-17 NC Honors Band
Audition.  #37