The Drum Set
Mr. Wright starts from the very
beginning by showing how to
break down a basic pattern
on the drums.  Never played before?
Here's the place to start.
In lesson 2 we review lesson 1 with a few new twists.  Next we try using quarter notes on the high-hat or ride cymbal with the same snare and bass drum pattern.  We continue working on a 4 bar phrase with a drum fill at the end.
In lesson 3 we learn to play in 3.   : )
3 beats to the measure that is.
We'll do 8th notes and then quarter notes.  I'll also break down the infamous "boom-chuck" for kiddie songs and a very useful rock pattern.
Drum fills will also be demonstrated
for each style.
In lesson 4 we introduce a cool triplet
pattern, a unique tom pattern, big band jazz and a fast 16th note pattern.