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I recorded Madilyn Smith in our studio and produced a soundtrack.  After making a quality CD we began shooting video footage to produce her first music video.
The soundtrack for this music video was also recorded in our studio.  She recorded the piano part first and then recorded the vocal parts.  I played the drums, bass and some of the string parts.  The resulting CD track becomes backbone of the video.
We recorded The King Rippers
in Raleigh, NC at Marsh Woodwinds
to produce a CD and DVD.  This
is their rendidtion of "I'll Fly Away."

Nathan Wright performs one of his original piano compositions entitled "Heart Vision."  I shot the dogwood trees on a misty Saturday morning at 6:00 in our back yard.
Music Video Pricing - Christian Music Only
To Produce/Record One Song
$200. - $300. (Determined by Complexity)
To Film One Song Indoors (Ex. santuary)
$400. - $800.  (Determined by Complexity)
To Film One Song Outdoors
$700. - $1,000. (Determined by Complexity
Finished Music Videos will be uploaded for the client as a part of the fee.
Clients will also be given 3 DVD's of the finished video.

It is very important to have permission for a location and a basic script or story board.
Call me if you need help with that. (910-223-0077)

"Transformed" was a personal
project that I worked on for
several months.  I spent most of
the time working on the soundtrack.  I wrote out the trombone and trumpet parts.
I had to practice the trombone part for several weeks to get it just right.  The fire dept. came out when we filmed.  They were nice... I just had to answer a lot of questions.  It caused quite a stir here in the Kingdom of Eastover.