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New Lower Prices

by John H. Wright on 06/23/12

People simply have less money these days, yet they want a quality video memory of their big day.  Check out the "Weddings" page to see the new prices.  Now we offer three camera coverage of the ceremony only for just $400. with 5 DVD's in custom designed cases.  Three camera coverage of the ceremony and one camera coverage of the reception is only $600. with 5 DVD's in custom designed cases.  It's all about quality at a very resonable price.  It takes one day to shoot the wedding and about 3 days to edit, render, create a DVD menu, duplicate and package the product.  At these prices, we're working for about $10.00 to $12.00 an hour.  Then we have to pay taxes.  : )

Receiving a "Cheer" in the Fayetteville Observer

by John H. Wright on 06/11/12

On Friday, May 18th, on page 2B of the Fayetteville Observer, we received a cheer from Melanie White of Stedman for a wedding video we did for her daughter. 

"They came and did such an amazing job.  John and Janet Wright, a husband and wife team, were very professional, reasonably priced and just the nicest people.  The video was awesome, and they were able to capture some of the sweetest moments that were not captured by still photos.  Our only regret was that we did not hire them for the reception.  Thanks again from the Whites and the Scotts."

Thank you Mrs. White for taking the time to submit a "cheer" for us.  We're also thankful for the Fayetteville Observer publishing positive reviews for the businesses of the Fayetteville, NC area.  

John Wright

DJ Services Added

by John H. Wright on 04/27/11

We're now offering DJ services for wedding receptions, parties, church gatherings, church productions, reunions or other social events. 

The Kenya Orphanage

by John H. Wright on 04/25/11

I've just completed a wedding for the Brown's Recommitment Ceremony.  They had been married for 25 years.  Today my wife and I started working on a video project to help Pastor Wallace of Walstone Memorial Baptist Church to start an orphanage in Kenya Africa.  They are in the process of purchasing 100 acres of land in Kenya.  The pictures Pastor Wallace gave me to work with are life changing. 

The Movie... "Smokie Joe's Grand Adventure" is available on DVD!

by John H. Wright on 11/28/10

Almost 1,000 people viewed "Smokie Joe's Grand Adventure" the week before Thanksgiving.  Many DVD's and movie soundtracks were also sold.  It was a fun project and I learned a great deal from doing it.  Let us know if you would like a copy of the movie.

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